Bernese Mountain Dog

loyal and strong.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Grace and Lux

80-100 lbs

Take Home: Winter 2023/2024
Expected Weight: 80-100 pounds
Availability: Taking Deposits

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Helpful Facts

Why a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a very calm, easy going nature and are known to be extremely loyal. They show extreme dedication to their families and are especially fond of children. They are also known to be beautiful dogs with their tri-colored coat. Bernese love cold weather and enjoy moderate exercise. Because they are very intelligent and strong, they do well on farms and in therapy work.

What to know about Bernese Mountain Dogs

They are recognized by the American Kennel Club to be a pure breed. Bernese can also be known for their stubbornness, so the proper training and socialization is important and may require more time and patience. Bernese are considered a shorter-lived breed due to their high rate of fatal cancer, known to have heart disease problems, and epilepsy in their middle age.

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