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Each puppy has a unique personality that is well on its way to developing at about 7-8 weeks. We love sharing each week how the puppies are growing and changing. We provide frequent picture updates and take weekly videos of each litter, called Movie Mondays! Each puppy will have developed their personality enough to see how they will behave in the long run. Before go-home, we provide our insights of each puppy including coat, personality, and temperament.

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Included in Puppy Purchase

Puppy Package

Our puppy package includes many comforts so that you don’t need to worry about the basics beforehand and can focus on caring for your puppy. We microchip our puppies to ensure that if your puppy ever accidentally gets away from you, you’ve got a way to find them.


  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Bowl
  • Toy
  • Towel
    (rubbed with their mother’s scent)
  • Vaccination Report
  • CKC Papers
    (detailing their lineage)

Health Guarantee

We offer a 2 year congenital life threatening health guarantee. If your puppy has any life threatening issues found by your vet covered under your contract for the first 24 months, you can return the puppy for a full refund.

Health Guarantee

Lifetime Support

Documents to help you and your new puppy succeed. Ability to call and talk to one of us whenever support is needed. Updates and reminders about things your puppy will need for the first year. Staying connected to watch your puppy grow and thrive throughout his/her life.

Puppy Guarantee

Puppy Perks

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Puppy Perks

Pricing and Deposit


Pricing to be done after birth.

Goldendoodles: $2500

Bernedoodles: Tri-Color $3500, Bi-color or black & white $3000

Golden Retriever (Pet): $2000  (Breeder):$3000*

BMD (Pet): $2000  (Breeder): $3000*

*Pricing can change dependent on lineage for our litters


we take deposits for upcoming litters.

To hold a puppy there is a $500 deposit that is NONREFUNDABLE. Customers with deposits get priority in the selection process. Deposit customers are offered a puppy of their choice in the order of deposit.

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Delivery Pricing

Puppy Delivery

Delivered right to your door!

We make many deliveries personally and we also have a delivery service that is USDA certified that delivers outside our immediate delivery area. Your puppy is well cared for by a licensed professional on its journey to your home.

Ground Delivery

United States Pricing

Our delivery charge is market-dependent. Please reach out to us to discuss the best option possible for getting your new best friend home to you!

Airline Delivery Pricing

American Airlines has a program called American PetEmbark. Learn more about this program and how to reserve a flight for your pet:

You can always plan to fly with your pet. If you book a flight to St. Louis or Indianapolis airport, we can meet you at either location with your puppy for $200. We would meet you at the departing entrance for your airline. It will be the new puppy owner’s responsibility to check with the desired airline on the rules and regulations of that airline and pet travel.

Flight Nanny:

We have a couple flight nannies that we have used in the past. If you think this is an option you would like to pursue, please call or email us. We will be in touch with our flight nannies on their schedules.

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