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The critical time for a growing puppy is between four and thirteen months, this is when the skeletal system is growing rapidly and the muscle system is lagging behind. The goal when playing and training your puppy is to have sufficient muscle mass and tone to support the growing skeletal system. Your puppy will not finish developing until sixteen to eighteen months. To foster proper growth through this period, we recommend a blend of regular and moderate exercise.

  • Continue with consistent amounts of moderate play (fifteen to twenty minutes is enough until your puppy is older).
  • Take short walks a few times a week (once a pup is a few months old).
  • Games that combine exercise/rest are good for your puppy (fetch).
  • Proper exercise is important to your pup’s development.
  • Be sure to download our helpful information located below. (Taking Home Your New Puppy, Crate Training Schedule)

Taking Home Your New Puppy

Crate Training Schedule

  • Hard exercise should not last more than a few minutes a day for the first year.
  • Stressful situation should be avoided during the first year (such as play with older or larger dogs, long hikes with the family, or jumping off high places).
  • Jog with a puppy.
  • Vigorous ball playing (especially with a young puppy, should be postponed until after the puppy is a year).
  • Do not throw a ball high in the air and have your dog/puppy to get it. (As much as they might like it, the consistent stress that this places on their hips and knee joints can cause serious damage and require surgery to remedy. If there is any limping or discomfort that causes concern, please limit exercise and crating. If it continues, call the vet and contact me. It is not uncommon for adolescents to limp because of growing pains; rest may be the best remedy.)

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